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Kannastor Herb Grinder Review

kannastorWith so many grinder brands out there it can be hard to know which is right for your herb.  At BestGrinder.net we help you see through the haze to find that perfect grinder at the perfect price.  Today, we take a closer look at Kannastor Grinders.

Kannastor sells a large number of different grinders that vary in shape, size,  and number of chambers.  This means that if you decide to buy a Kannastor you’ll have your pick when it comes to the options to you desire in a grinder.

Kannastor has been making their multi-chamber grinders since 2003, so they’ve had time to work out any bugs in the manufacturing process. This experience is priceless when it comes to proper machining techniques and design improvements.

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As with most of the brand name grinders Kannastor Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that is aerospace grade.  Basically, this thing is tough, but not any tougher than other quality aluminum grinders out there.

The screens again are similar to other grinders out there in that they are made from stainless steel, which protects the screen from rusting.  Gaps in the screen are properly sized so that only the perfect ultra filtered kief makes it to the bottom.

Their main grinder is a 2.5″ four-piece, similar to the standard aluminum grinders out there.  However, they also have the GR8TR grinder line that is a full eight-piece grinder that has interchangeable screens and grinder plates.

In regard to materials, Kannastor is in line with other high quality aluminum grinder brands.


GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.
GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.

Kannastor takes their grinder designs very seriously, which shines through in their GR8TR line of herb grinders.  As we mentioned previously, these grinders have eight distinct pieces.  Not only are the screens removable on these grinders, but also the grinder plates can be changed out to give you the grinder you desire.  There is a screw in mechanism that allows you to flip from a finer grinder to a more course grind.  This is the only grinder we’ve seen that has this capability.

All of the multi-chamber Kannastor have easy to remove screens, which can be purchased on the Kannastor website.  This helps your grinder last longer without needing to purchase a whole new unit.


Kannastor sells a wide variety of grinders including their GR8TR grinder line, four-piece grinders, and single chamber two-piece grinders.  Overall, we are really impressed with the variety of grinders they offer.


Kannastor grinders perform very well overall.  They grind up your herb in a optimal consistency that is fine but not so fine that it burns out your herb too quickly.  However, other name brand aluminum grinders also offer a grind that is as quality as the Kannastor.  So, in this way Kannastor is not alone.  However, we must say that the two grind settings on the GR8TR grinder is certainly a useful and innovate feature that had to take some serious R&D to develop.

Lifetime Warranty

Kannastor offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their grinders.  This even includes malfunction that results from normal use.  If you have a warranty claim be prepared to show photographic proof and an order number to confirm your purchase and the issue at hand.

Bad Points

Too Complex

Many of the Kannastor grinder are pretty standard designed and easy to operate with the removable screen being the most unique feature.

However, when you start looking closer at the GR8TR grinder, it becomes evident that this is a complex piece of equipment.  We feel that for most people just wanting a grinder to grind your herb with proper consistency, the GR8TR grinder might be a bit of overkill.

If you find yourself in the “I’m just looking for a grinder to get the job done well” camp, we would opt for a standard four-piece grinder from Kannastor and pass on the GR8TR.

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Don’t be tricked by this myth.

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