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Thorinder Grinder Review

With so many herb grinders that look damn near identical to one another it is refreshing to see a company like After Grow take design seriously.  Their Thorinder Grinder offers a unique take on grinder design and makes it stand out from all the other weed grinders for sale today.

After Grow has a website that is as unique as their grinder.  Check it out if you want to do additional research apart from this review.

With the unique branding around Thorinder it is surprising how little social media is being done around this product.  Searching Youtube there are only a few decent videos reviewing the Thorinder, and to date they have less than 150 likes on their Facebook Page.

On top of this the Thorinder is not a top selling herb grinder on Amazon.  Let’s dig a bit deeper to see if we can find out why this grinder isn’t getting more attention.

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Grinder Design

Hole Pattern


Without a doubt one of the most interesting characteristics of the Thorinder Grinder is the hole pattern.  Most herb grinders have a hole patterns that are exclusively made up of little circles that allow for the herb to fall to the second chamber.

That is not the case with Thorinder.  The first set of holes are actually shaped like lightening bolts, which does give the grinder cool styling and sets it apart from its competitors.

However, from a functional perspective these special design features do little to improve the actual grinding experience.  And with an expensive price tag it is important for Thorinder to not only look different but to perform differently from cheaper grinders.



The teeth on the Thorinder are some of the best we’ve seen on any herb grinder.  This is where the Thorinder really excels.  You can tell that the teeth were design for optimum grinding.  The teeth that align the lid are curved with sharp ends similar the curved teeth found on some sharks.

On the second piece of the Thorinder are teeth that are shaped similarly to a comma.  What we mean by that is there is one side of the tooth that is sharp while the other side is flat.

Putting these two teeth designs together makes for a beautifully ground herb that is even and ready to smoke.

Other Design Components

There are several design components that are unique to the Thorinder.

First off, the Thorinder has a smooth finish on the outside, which is certainly different from the traction embedded design that most other herb grinders feature to enhance grip.  We are not sure why the makers of Thorinder decided to not have traction on their grinder, but for most it will not make a big difference.

As you can see from the pictures, the lid of the Thorinder actually has a clear top so you can actually watch as your herb is ground.  Another feature that we don’t feel is necessary, but does make the grinder look cool.


Price is where Thorinder becomes a pretty divisive grinder, and why we believe the Thorinder does not sell well overall.

If you check on Amazon, currently the Thorinder grinder is selling for around $50.

While there are certainly more expensive grinders out there, including Phoenician and Compton, those grinders have several features that stand out from Thorinder.  Some of these features include removal screens, being made in the USA, and top notch machining.

Unfortunately, Thorinder is a great looking herb grinder, but just doesn’t have any features that really make it function exceptionally better than a grinder that is $20 cheaper.  This is why we would consider looking at some other less expensive options if you are more concerned with the function of your grinder and don’t care as much about styling.


Thorinder does offer some variety in regard to color.


As you can see from the picture to the right the Thorinder comes in five different inside color options including gray, white, orange, blue, and black.

We hope they had a few more colors in the future as we think green and purple would look really great.


Thorinder comes in the standard 2.5 inch diameter size and a “mini” size.  For most, the 2.5 inch standard size Thorinder is the way to go as the mini may not hold enough herb to meet the needs of many smokers.


Thorinder grinder does perform well when it comes to the task of grinding herbs.  You will get a nice even grind with plenty of kief left over when you use this grinder.  We attribute the above average grinding ability of the Thorinder to its unique teeth design.

That said the Thorinder will stick and build up residue over time and will need cleaned on a regular basis.  While typical of most grinders, it is bit more noticeable than we’d like for a grinder in the Thorinder’s price range.

Other Features

One feature from After Grow that we’ve seen from no other weed grinder manufacturers is the ability to buy individual grinder pieces separately.  If you go to the parts section of the Thorinder website you can see where you can buy the individual pieces.

This is actually pretty helpful if you happen to break a piece of your Thorinder Grinder and don’t want to spend the money to buy a completely new unit.

Another cool way that Thorinder stands out from the crowd.


After Grow’s Thorinder Grinder has the most impressive gift box we’ve ever seen for any grinder.  It is heavy-duty and presents a good amount of showmanship to the unboxing experience.  Check out the video above if you want to see how the gift box opens.

The Thorinder also comes with a top-quality guitar pick scraper that will help you sift through herb and kief.


What We Like About Thorinder

  • Very cool design and syling makes the Thorinder stand out from the crowd
  • Teeth design is customized and works great when in use
  • Gift box is amazingly high quality
  • Can buy grinder components separately

What We Don’t Like About Thorinder

  • Too expensive for the performance
  • May need cleaned more frequently than other grinders

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SLX Grinder Review

When you really think about an herb grinder, it is different in many ways compared to other weed accessories or tools.  In fact, I’d argue that weed grinders most closely resemble a sort of kitchenware.  Herb grinders are designed to grind herbs after all!

A brand called SLX Grinders has taken inspiration from other kitchenwares to improve the performance of the standard herb grinder.  They’ve done this by using non-stick material ceramic coating over the aluminum four-piece grinder.

As a brand SLX is active in social media and can be found at some industry trade shows promoting the unique benefits provided by their non-stick herb grinders.  It is apparent that they are truly committed to their product and making improvements.

With so many grinder brands out there today it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices.  Thankfully, we will help you take the guess work out when it comes to SLX Grinders so you’ll have the information you need to make a well researched purchase.

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Grinder Design

Non-Stick Coating

As mentioned previously, what really sets SLX Grinders apart from the competition is the ceramic non-stick coating that is meant to help prevent herb from sticking to the wall of the grinder, making it more difficult to turn the lid.

What we really like about this non-stick coating is that it does not include any potential toxic substances like teflon or PTFE.  There are so many potentially dangerous materials that are secretly found in your cooking and smoking accessories (FYI, the dangers of using aluminum grinders is a myth) it is nice that there is peace of mind when using an SLX Grinder.

On a more disappointing note, the non-stick coating does not work as well as we’d hoped.  Not only did we notice this, but other users also have commented that the non-stick coating does not work as advertised.  We hope that SLX continues to improve the coating so that in the future it works better.

At the end of the day you may not be completely satisfied if the main reason you are buying an SLX Grinder is for the non-stick coating.


The SLX Grinder has more teeth than any other grinder we’ve reviewed relative to its size.  The grinder has a diameter of 2.4 inches and features an amazing 55 teeth!  To compare, the top rated 2.5 inch Black Tie Grinder has 50 teeth, which is great on its own, but not up to par with the SLX.

Personally, we don’t love the shape of the teeth on the SLX.  They have more of a square shape with sharp edges on one end.  Through our testing at BestGrinder we’ve found that diamond shaped teeth tend to perform best at shredding herb.

Other Design Components

Looking a bit closer you will see that the rest of the components found on the SLX Grinder are consistent with other top of the line grinders.

SLX Grinders come with neodymium magnets that work to keep the lid on while grinding herb so that there are no spills.

The aluminum used in SLX Grinders is aircraft grade and made to last a lifetime.

Lastly, the micron screen is the perfect gage to maximize kief production.  Not only that but the screen is simply placed in the grinder without having to be screwed in, making the SLX 20% shorter than standard four-piece grinders, which enhances portability.


It is safe to say the features and design of the SLX are in the upper echelon of herb grinders.  Due to this you should not be overly surprised that the SLX costs a pretty penny.

In fact, the SLX Grinder is one of the more expensive grinders we’ve ever reviewed, with the home-size coming in at a price point of around $60.

Even with the unique features, it is hard to justify spending this much on the SLX. Outside of the non-stick coating, most of the other features can be found on grinders that run $30.  Given that the non-stick coating has not yet been mastered by SLX, it may be worth considering other cheaper options that do not have the non-stick feature.

This isn’t to say that the SLX is a bad grinder by any means.  On the contrary, the SLX is a great grinder.  It just isn’t the best value.


If you like color and size variety in your herb grinder, then SLX has you covered.


Size-wise, the SLX comes in two versions: the smaller pocket-size (2 inch diameter) and home-size (2.5 inch diameter).  If you plan to take this on the road and grind small amounts of herb then consider the pocket. Otherwise, we’d go with the larger home-size as it is still not huge.


If you are like us, you like your world to be a bit more colorful.  Having fun colors in your life perks you up and gets you excited for the possibilities of the day.

SLX Grinders must share this mindset as well as they offer their grinders in many different colors.  Currently, SLX sells their grinders in the following colors: silver, gray, yellow, purple, green, black, and gold.  With all these color options you can get the perfect SLX that fits your personality.


The SLX Grinder performs very well save for the non-stick coating.  It is not to say the non-stick doesn’t work, but it just is not significantly better than other grinders.

However, when it comes to grinding herb and collecting kief the SLX is the real deal.  The 55 teeth make shredding a breeze, with the finished product being an evenly ground herb.


SLX states on their website that if your grinder is damaged or breaks during normal use that they will send you a replacement part at their discretion.

Note that it would be wise for you to take a look at their replacement policy because SLX is fairly specific about which resellers are considered legit.  If you buy from someone outside of these resellers or SLX, then SLX clearly states they will not honor any replacement claims.


The SLX does not come with a ton of extras.

You do get the typical scraper to help you sift through kief.  However, you won’t find a carry bag or any fancy gift box with this grinder.  Hopefully, they’ll add these in the future as most other grinders at this price point do offer some pretty neat extras.


What We Like About SLX

  • Non-stick ceramic coating contains no toxic chemicals or ingredients
  • SLX Grinders come in many different sizes and colors
  • 55 teeth is the most we’ve seen on a standard size grinder
  • Grinder components are good quality

What We Don’t Like About SLX

  • Non-stick coating doesn’t work all that well
  • SLX Grinders are expensive
  • No extras come with SLX Grinders

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Compton Grinder Review

If you are a fan of the urban feel of the streets and gangsta rap, then Compton Grinders may just be the herb grinder brand for your taste.

These are premium made in the USA grinders that come in many colors and sizes.

Compton grinders also come in many size and piece options from 2-piece grinder all the way up to the standard 4-piece three chamber grinders.  They also have features that are exclusive to Compton Grinders that help set them apart from other grinder companies.  Let’s take a look at what makes Compton Grinders unique.

button (4)Good points


As with almost all premium herb grinder brands, Compton Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that helps to prevent scratches and chipping.  Anodizing is different from painting so you don’t have to worry about paint chips finding their way into your herb.

The metal screens that are on the Compton Grinder are made of steel mesh and do a nice job of filtering the best pieces of kief into the kief chamber.

Most of the Compton Grinders come in a small or medium size.  The small version of the Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2 inches.  A grinder this size is best used for light smokers and for smaller amounts of bud.  Medium size Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2.5 inches, which is a more standard size found with many other grinders.

Overall, the materials used on Compton Grinders are high quality and potential customers should feel confident in what they are buying.


Compton Grinders have really three features that help them stand out from other herb grinders.  The first is that Compton Grinders have a nice ergonomic design that allow users to easily grip the grinder without worrying about slippage.

The second cool feature is the removable screen.  Compton Grinders have a small tool that comes with the grinder that allows you to loosen and take out the screen for either cleaning or replacement.  We like the design of this as it allows you to tighten the screen so that it is not at risk of falling out.

Lastly, Compton Grinders has a “loading dock” where there are no teeth on a section of the second piece so that you can place your bud without having to break it down to fit between the teeth.  This is a unique feature to Compton Grinders and something we feel is a very functional improvement from other grinders out there.


As we mentioned at the top of this article, Compton Grinders come in two main sizes, small and medium.  However, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety you can find with Compton Grinders.  Compton Grinders come in many different colors.  Basically, every color of the rainbow is available for purchase.


With a name like Compton Grinders, you can be sure these grinders have edge, but they also back it up with quality performance as well.  The removable screen is a nice touch.  The actual grinding action on these grinders is smooth and precise, leaving a quality filtered product left for you to smoke.

Bad Points

Weak Warranty

According to the Compton Grinder website, they have a fairly weak warranty and return policy.  When you compare this warranty to those found from Golden Gate and Black Tie, it just doesn’t hold water.  For Compton Grinders you have 30 days to return the product.  However, they do not accept returns from a defective item if it has been used, which would make up the majority of return claims.

We don’t feel that this means that Compton has a bad product that they don’t feel confident in, it just seems a bit too restrictive.


Compton Grinders come with a hefty price tag.  Usually, there medium sized grinder costs somewhere between $60 and $75.  Most of this extra cost is from the Made in the USA factor.  If this is something you value highly then by all means Compton is a great grinder.  But if you don’t mind your grinder being made overseas there are other great grinders that are more reasonably priced.

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Kannastor Herb Grinder Review

kannastorWith so many grinder brands out there it can be hard to know which is right for your herb.  At we help you see through the haze to find that perfect grinder at the perfect price.  Today, we take a closer look at Kannastor Grinders.

Kannastor sells a large number of different grinders that vary in shape, size,  and number of chambers.  This means that if you decide to buy a Kannastor you’ll have your pick when it comes to the options to you desire in a grinder.

Kannastor has been making their multi-chamber grinders since 2003, so they’ve had time to work out any bugs in the manufacturing process. This experience is priceless when it comes to proper machining techniques and design improvements.

button (4)Good points


As with most of the brand name grinders Kannastor Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that is aerospace grade.  Basically, this thing is tough, but not any tougher than other quality aluminum grinders out there.

The screens again are similar to other grinders out there in that they are made from stainless steel, which protects the screen from rusting.  Gaps in the screen are properly sized so that only the perfect ultra filtered kief makes it to the bottom.

Their main grinder is a 2.5″ four-piece, similar to the standard aluminum grinders out there.  However, they also have the GR8TR grinder line that is a full eight-piece grinder that has interchangeable screens and grinder plates.

In regard to materials, Kannastor is in line with other high quality aluminum grinder brands.


GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.
GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.

Kannastor takes their grinder designs very seriously, which shines through in their GR8TR line of herb grinders.  As we mentioned previously, these grinders have eight distinct pieces.  Not only are the screens removable on these grinders, but also the grinder plates can be changed out to give you the grinder you desire.  There is a screw in mechanism that allows you to flip from a finer grinder to a more course grind.  This is the only grinder we’ve seen that has this capability.

All of the multi-chamber Kannastor have easy to remove screens, which can be purchased on the Kannastor website.  This helps your grinder last longer without needing to purchase a whole new unit.


Kannastor sells a wide variety of grinders including their GR8TR grinder line, four-piece grinders, and single chamber two-piece grinders.  Overall, we are really impressed with the variety of grinders they offer.


Kannastor grinders perform very well overall.  They grind up your herb in a optimal consistency that is fine but not so fine that it burns out your herb too quickly.  However, other name brand aluminum grinders also offer a grind that is as quality as the Kannastor.  So, in this way Kannastor is not alone.  However, we must say that the two grind settings on the GR8TR grinder is certainly a useful and innovate feature that had to take some serious R&D to develop.

Lifetime Warranty

Kannastor offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their grinders.  This even includes malfunction that results from normal use.  If you have a warranty claim be prepared to show photographic proof and an order number to confirm your purchase and the issue at hand.

Bad Points

Too Complex

Many of the Kannastor grinder are pretty standard designed and easy to operate with the removable screen being the most unique feature.

However, when you start looking closer at the GR8TR grinder, it becomes evident that this is a complex piece of equipment.  We feel that for most people just wanting a grinder to grind your herb with proper consistency, the GR8TR grinder might be a bit of overkill.

If you find yourself in the “I’m just looking for a grinder to get the job done well” camp, we would opt for a standard four-piece grinder from Kannastor and pass on the GR8TR.

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Afternoon Delight Grinder Review

Frequently new herb grinders come on to the scene and attempt to make a big splash in the weed grinder market.  One such product is the Afternoon Delight Herb Grinder.

This is a unique grinder in that it has a removable filter and offers a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing that if there is an issue, Afternoon Delight will take care of it free of charge.  You will only find these grinder available for sale on currently, and it appears that they first began selling their products in April of 2015.

New grinder companies often bring a fresh take on the grinder market and have a tendency to shake up the game.  Let’s take a closer look at the Afternoon Delight and see how it stacks up against some of the more established competition.

button (4)Good points


Afternoon Delight Grinders come with five pieces, with the fifth piece being a removable filter screen.  The benefit of having a removable screen is that it makes cleaning the screen easier, and you can potentially replace the screen, although we don’t believe that Afternoon Delight is selling screens separately as of the time of this review.

These herb grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum similar to other high end grinders.  It also comes with a magnetized lid that makes spilling any herb more difficult.  In regard to the lid, some users have mentioned that magnet has a tendency to pop out rendering it useless.  However, the majority of users have not stated that this is an issue.

This grinder is 2.2 inches wide, making it a bit smaller than the standard 2.5 inch grinders that we often see.  It features 30 diamond teeth, which is a decent number, but again not as many as we see from top of the line grinders that offer a finer grind.

The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.
The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.


We feel that the design of the Afternoon Delight is it’s strongest pro.  We really see how they are adding value by having a removable screen, and it does make cleaning the screen easier, which in turn should make the grinder last longer overall.


The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes in two sizes, 2.2 inch diameter (most popular) and the 2.7 inch diameter (less popular).  There is also a gold version of the Afternoon Delight grinder as well for those looking for a more individualized style.


The performance of the Afternoon Delight is above average, but there are some things that can be improved on as well.

As far as twisting the grinder to grinder up the herb some have mentioned that it is not as smooth as they would prefer.  However, again this a minority with most saying that it is just fine.  Others have also said that they’d like the magnet to be a bit stronger.

Lifetime Warranty

Afternoon Delight does come through with a lifetime warranty, which we obviously love.  Even if something does go wrong you are protected, and from what we know Afternoon Delight’s customer service is commendable.

Bad Points


We consider the Afternoon Delight to be a bit expensive for what it is.  Yes, it does have the removable screen, but we don’t feel like that justifies a price point of $30 for a 2.2 diameter grinder.

Too Many Pieces?

While the removable screen is certainly a cool feature, we do wonder if having more pieces than four is a good thing at the end of the day.

More pieces mean that more things can go wrong.  And honestly, the goal isn’t to have the most futuristic grinder, but a grinder that does its main purpose well: grinding.

Yet, if you find that you have had grinders with screens that have clogged up and are a daily herb user, then the Afternoon Delight might be what you’ve been wishing for in a herb grinder.

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BR Review: Cali Crusher Grinders

Cali Crusher Grinders - StandardCali Crusher Grinders has been in the herb grinder market since 2010 and have developed a solid reputation for quality grinding and design.  Found in many different smoke shops, retail stores, and e-commerce markets, Cali Crusher is also a very popular choice among smokers.  Over time Cali Crusher has expanded their product line to include the premium Homegrown, which are exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA.  Regular Cali Crusher Grinders are made in China via a contract manufacturer.  They also have clear top and crank top options that some of you may prefer depending on your individual needs and preferences.  Cali Crusher Grinders also come in a variety of color options including black, silver, blue, pink, red, gold, green, and purple among others.  With all the different choices offered by Cali Crusher you will be hard pressed to not find a grinder that will suit you well.

button (4)Good points


Cali Crusher Grinders are a made from good quality aluminum that is anodized so that there is never a concern about paint chipping off into your herb.  The teeth on each Cali Crusher we’ve had the opportunity to use has been sharp, durable, and plentiful.  Because the teeth are strong you should get plenty of use out of a Cali Crusher without seeing a drop in performance and grind.  Neodymium magnets are used on each of the Cali Crushers which keep the lid in place while cranking the lid with the herb in the grind chamber.  Their Homegrown Grinders feature medical grade aluminum that are ultrasonically cleaned before being packaged and shipped.  Overall, the materials of Cali Crusher Grinders may vary from model to model, but they are consistently good and will perform well over time.

Cali Crusher Grinders Homegrown
Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinders Are Made In the USA


The design of Cali Crusher grinders varies depending on the model.  The standard Cali Crusher Grinder has a fairly standard diamond teeth design with a filter screen that works to filter kief.  The Homegrown series has some more unique features including Quicklock technology that eliminates the possibility of threading the grooves on the grinder.  The teeth also have a unique design meant to maximize the amount of herb that can be ground at one time.  Homegrown also has a removable screen and a rounded bottom kief collector chamber to make scrapping easier.  The clear top grinders have a clear plastic top to see the grinding process in action, while the crank top has a pencil sharpener type mechanism that allows you to turn the crank to grind the herb.


There may not be another herb grinder brand that produces more different types of grinder than Cali Crusher.  As mentioned in the top of this review, Cali Crushers come in many different sizes, models, prices, and colors.


Because there are so many different types of Cali Crushers, it is hard to say that each model will perform the same.  The ones we have had the opportunity to test have performed well and created a smooth even grind.  We do recommend checking user reviews of the particular grinder you are interested in before making a purchase decision.

Lifetime Warranty

This one is a mixed bag for us.  The Homegrown line of Cali Crushers does come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for the standard line of Cali Crusher Grinders.  Disappointing as we feel that all grinders from Cali Crusher should be provided the same warranty to treat customers equally and to simplify the process.

Bad Points

Cali Crusher Clear Top
Cali Crusher Clear Top


The standard 2″ Cali Crusher four piece grinder comes in at a price around $25 on Amazon, which certainly is not outrageous.  However, for a couple extra bucks you can get a Black Tie Grinder that is another 1/2 inch in size a very comparable quality.  The Homegrown grinders are downright expensive costing a whopping $90 for a 2.35 inch diameter grinder.  While the Homegrown does have some unique features in no way do we feel that this justifies such a high price point.


Cali Crusher is susceptible to knockoffs especially on third party marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.  Make sure to check the seller reviews on Amazon before purchasing to make sure that you are getting the real deal.

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Phoenician Herb Grinder Review

phoenician grinderIt’s time for another grinder review from us here at; many weed grinders make up the market, from basic, low-cost models to higher priced, top of the line grinders.

We’re going to take a look here at Phoenician Grinders, a series of weed grinders that sit at the top of the line when it comes to price in the weed grinder market. Phoenician Grinders offer a unique set of features that many other models do not have, and those features are reflected through a higher priced product than most of its competitors.

Phoenician Grinders are one of the few grinder brands made in the USA, and like its competitor Space Case, Phoenician grinders sit at a premium price point due to its domestic manufacturing and its unique features. Let’s take a look at what a Phoenician Grinder can offer you.

button (4)Good points


Phoenician Grinders are made using American-sourced materials, including an aerospace grade aluminum that is meticulously inspected for top quality. They put their grinders through a de-burring process that ensures removal of any sharp flakes that could end up in your product later on. Not all grinders allow for this de-burring process, but Phoenician prides itself on having a de-burred product that gets expertly inspected afterwards to make sure all possible shreds have been removed. T

he magnets used in both the standard and elite models of Phoenician grinders are made of N52 neodymium magnets, which are shown to be the strongest magnet available for this product.

Phoenician Makes an Elite Grinder that is Made of 24k Gold!
Phoenician Makes an Elite Grinder that is Made of 24k Gold!


Phoenician Grinders are sold in both 2 piece and 4 piece models, and among their design are some decidedly unique features. On the outside, the grinders have a special knurl-style grip, which allows the user an easier time of opening the grinder to insert and remove your herbs.

This is especially helpful for medical marijuana patients, who may have weakness in opening other brands of grinders. These grinders don’t have threads to screw on, but feature a patent-pending fast-lock system for easier open and close. Also unique in these grinders are the teeth; instead of the higher number of teeth that most grinder brands have, Phoenician Grinders removed 50% of the teeth of an average grinder to allow more room for herb and to reduce friction, increase strength, and allow for a smoother cut.

The teeth don’t rub against each other as much, which helps them to last longer. Along with the different sizes, Phoenician Grinders are available in many different colors, as well as an elite series with grinders coated in premium metals, like chrome and 24k gold.

Pollen Catcher

The stainless steel screens of the Phoenician Grinder is sized to the grinder and not stretched to fit; it can also be removed and replaced, which is a feature that other grinders do not have. Once the screen gets gross, you can either remove it and replace it, or at least give it a rinse and cleaning much easier than you can with other grinder brands. The pollen catcher itself is made in a bowl-like design, so that users can easily collect the pollen from the catcher without leaving a ton of leftovers still in the grinder.


For a premium price, you do get a premium product. The Phoenician grinder is well reviewed, and we found it to be a quality product that gets the job done. The grinder cuts herbs easily, into a fine product, and with ease of use. The unique features are a nice bonus, but the grind quality is similar to lower-priced brands, so you might find that the features are not worth the high price.

Lifetime Warranty

Phoenician Grinders offer a lifetime warranty on the function of the grinder; they want their grinder to be the last one you ever buy. The warranty does not cover scratching the finish or denting of the appearance, but they will cover all of the parts and functionality of the grinder with full backing.

Bad Points

Phoenician Grinders Are Some of the Most Expensive Grinders on the Market
Phoenician Grinders Are Some of the Most Expensive Grinders on the Market

Phoenician Grinders offer a variety of unique features, an American-made product, and a wide assortment of sizes and colors. However, the price point of Phoenician Grinders might be enough to cause some customers to look elsewhere.

Phoenician Grinders are at the absolute top when it comes to price point; there are few grinders more expensive on the market. You have many other great grinder options that come at a lower price-point yet still allow for a great quality grind, minus some of the extra features, which many people find they can live without.

Other than the high price, the Phoenician Grinder gives consumers a high quality product that offers a good grinder.

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Five Cheap Herb Grinders That Get the Job Done

While is primarily focused on the top herb grinders available regardless of price, many smokers out there are simply looking for a cheap option to grind their herb.  A cheap herb grinder may not have the craftsmanship of a better grinder, such as the Black Tie Grinder, or a Space Case, but even lower priced weed grinders will likely get the job done and provide at least a decent grind.  Another thing to look at when trying to find a cheap weed grinder is to look at finding one that is smaller sized.  Even though you may not want to spend much on your grinder we still strongly suggest you avoid acrylic grinders as they may break quickly.  Here are five solid grinders for those on a tight budget.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2 Inch Herb Grinder

golden bell herb grinderAt less than $10 the Golden Bell Herb Grinder is a great cheap herb grinder.  Made from zinc alloy it is safe to use and durable.  This herb grinder is also offered in an assortment of colors to give your grinding experience a personal touch.  What we have noticed with the Golden Bell is that it does not collect kief like the best grinders out there, so you will not get as much bang for your buck in regard to your stash.   The Golden Bell Herb Grinder also comes with a pollen scraper.   With a 4.4 rating on Amazon this grinder should be at the top of your list.

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Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Herb Grinder

chromium crusher grinderAnother cheap herb grinder priced right around the $10 range is the Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 piece herb grinder.  This grinder is about as good as it gets in the under $10 range when looking for a large sized grinder.  The zinc that the Chromium Crusher is made from is heavy duty, but is on heavier side so this is not a great choice if you want a portable grinder.  This herb grinder also comes in several different color options.  FYI, when buying on Amazon be sure to check to make sure you are getting a genuine Chromium Crusher as there are reports that knock offs are sometimes sold.

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Ohuhu 4 Piece 2.38 Inch Herb Grinder

ohuhu grinderAs with most grinders on this list, the Ohuhu herb grinder is made from zinch alloy, which is cheaper to produce than aluminum but more durable than acrylic.  This grinder has a large number of teeth, 55 to be exact, to allow for a finer grind than most of the other cheap herb grinders.  There is also a magnetized lid to keep the cap in place throughout the grinding process.  Some owners have commented that the Ohuhu herb grinder has a tendency to clog with use, so take this into consideration when deciding which grinder to buy.

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Smart Crusher Herb Grinder

smart crusher herb grinderAt 2.25 inches wide the Smart Crusher is a medium sized herb grinder that is very reasonably priced.  This is the only cheap herb grinder on our list that is made from aluminum, which is lighter and a superior metal compared to zinc alloy.  Many users are happy with this grinder saying that the teeth are able to grind herb to a nice fluff.  On the other hand some users feel that this grinder is built cheaper and has a tendency to break soon after purchase.  At some point it is a matter of you get what you pay for.

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Herb Grinder Original Herb Grinder

herb grinder original grayThe most expensive option on our list also has the most generic name.  The Herb Grinder Original Herb Grinder.  This aluminum weed grinder is currently priced around $15.  As a bonus this grinder comes with a free stash container, which makes this one of the best values in the grinder market.  With a 4.7 rating on Amazon you can be sure this is a quality herb grinder.  Our testing has shown that this grinder does create a nice quality grind for herbs, but is not as heavy duty as some of the more expensive aluminum herb grinders available.

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As you can see there are some decent options for grinder that are at or below the $10 price point, and not a single one is made of horrible acrylic!  While we know that an herb grinder seems like a purchase that you can go cheap on, we do recommend you seriously consider spending a bit more on a better grinder as you will get more out of your herb.  On the top of our list includes the Space Case and Black Tie Grinder, which both perform exceptionally and are much more durable than any grinder on this list.  Check them out and make a good decision for both you and your wallet!

Kingtop Herb Grinder Review

At we like to give you insight and information on the best herb grinders available on the market so that you can make the right decision for grinding your tobacco or herbs.  Herb grinders come in many different sizes, materials, and price ranges.  The Kingtop Herb Grinder that we are reviewing today has some unique characteristics and features.  Once of the more conventional features of the Kingtop Weed Grinder is its four piece design that includes a pollen catcher for the finest materials.   This has become a very popular grinder setup when compared to two piece grinders that do not offer a filtering screen and compartment.

Good Points

  • Price- Coming in at around $13 the Kingtop is likely the cheapest 3″ diameter herb grinder you will find.  Most smaller herb grinders are priced around $20 and go up all the way to over one hundred.
  • Teeth-  The 45 teeth that are found on this weed grinder are sharp and plentiful.  The more teeth help to create a fine and even grind.
  • Pollen Filter- Pollen catchers work to filter out the best most fine herb from the rest of the batch.  By doing so you can utilize the top quality herb if you want your finished product to be even better!  With the pollen filter screen you also get a scraper tool that makes working the herbs easier.
  • Warranty – Kingtop claims to give a lifetime warranty on their grinders so this would be something to check into closer if you are considering making a purchase.
  • Holes – The Kingtop has many holes in the grinding compartment which will help to minimize the amount of herbs that get stuck in the teeth.  This will keep the grinder cleaner for longer and help to get all the product through to the second compartment.

Bad Points

  • Materials- Kingtop grinders use a zinc alloy  materials which is simply inferior to the performance of aluminum grinders.  Zinc alloy is also heavier which makes Kingtop a poor choice for a portable grinder
  • Some users have complained that the grinder makes too much noise when grinding which takes away from the grinding experience
  • The filter screen is not the best we’ve seen and may break from the metal with multiple uses
  • 3″ is too large for many people.  Most herb users will only need a grinder that is 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter.  We stress at that it is better to get a high quality grinder that is smaller than a larger grinder that is junk.
    • Overall, we would suggest looking into the Black Tie Grinder or Space Case if you are serious about getting a top quality grinding machine.

The 4 Best Cigarette Rolling Machines of 2017

At we generally give you the low down on the absolute best herb grinders available on the market today.  But that is not the only thing we are about.  Today we are going to switch it up and talk more about cigarette rolling machines: why you need one and which ones are the best.

There are different types of cigarette rolling machines and it is important to determine your budget and desired features when selecting the cigarette rolling machine that best meets your needs.

By picking up a quality cigarette rolling machine you’ll be able to roll your herbs quicker and tighter making for an enhanced smoking experience.  So first let’s get to why you need a cigarette rolling machine, and how to use it.

How to Use a Cigarette Rolling Machine

Using a cigarette rolling machine is fairly easy.  We will focus on the full use rolling machines as they tend to be higher quality and are easy to use.  What you will do is put tobacco or herbs into the feed chamber which is usually found on the top of the machine.  Once you’ve done this you will take your cigarette paper and place it on the fill tip.

After the paper is in place and you have your herbs in the feed chamber you will pull down on a lever that will shoot the tobacco or herb into the cigarette paper.  Boom! You will have a perfect cigarette or joint that is ready to be smoked.

Pro Tip: Be sure to use a rolling tray to catch access herb that falls out of the cigarette rolling machine.

See this video for a visual breakdown of the steps:

Take Your Rolling to a New Level

With a cigarette rolling machine it takes the guess work out of rolling joints.  The beauty is once you’ve got down how to use the cigarette rolling machine you’ll get a tightly rolled cigarette or joint time after time.  Not only that but the speed at which you’ll be able to roll will increase by a large amount.

Another cool feature to many high quality electronic cigarette rolling machines is that you can fill both 100mm and king size cigarette papers with the same machine.  The only thing that will keep from rolling perfectly is running out of herbs!

The Best Cigarette Rolling Machines: Our 4 Best Picks


1. Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Courtesy of Smoker's Outlet Online
Courtesy of Smoker’s Outlet Online

The Top-O-Matic Cigarette Rolling Machine is a highly rated machine that efficiently produces high quality cigarettes both in king size and 100mm.  We love the that this thing is a beast and is made of metal and stainless steel, not cheap ass plastic like so much stuff produced today.

Many owners also comment on how this thing has lasted many years (7 or more) and that they were so happy with the purchase that once their last one broke they bought a new one.  Similar to how we describe the cigarette rolling machine fill process above you’ll fill the chamber with tobacco or grinded herb and fill each paper one at a time.

It is important to clean the chambers on this machine to avoid jamming and wearing down over time.  If you are on the fence about this machine, also take note that the maker offers a one year manufacturers warranty.

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2. Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine

powermatic2Our next entry for the best cigarette rolling machine is the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine.  At around $75, the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine is more expensive than the Top-O-Matic.

The Powermatic plugs in and is a full on electric cigarette maker.  The makers of the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine state that their machine has 25% more power than other cigarette rolling machine.

The Powermatic comes with a cleaning kit to keep this machine running in tip top shape.  Electric jam protection that helps to prevent too much tobacco or herb from entering the feed chamber is a nice feature especially for those who have never used an electric cigarette rolling machine and are not sure how much herb to use.  With 81% of reviewers giving five stars to the Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Machine it is no wonder why this cigarette rolling machine makes our list.

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3. RAW 79mm Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine

Our third entry is quite different than our last two is both price and machining.  If you are looking for a cheap cigarette maker that can still get the job done then the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine is likely for you.  At a price point under $4 this bad boy fits anyones budget easily.

Now with a cheaper priced manual rolling machine you can expect that there are more steps to rolling a joint than with a higher priced electronic cigarette rolling machine.  And this is the case with the RAW Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine.  You have to place your herbs in the chamber and then slide your paper between the herbs and the chamber and manually roll the chamber until the joint is completed rolled.  Check out the video below for a visual breakdown of the steps.

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4. Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector

61zvSanZqAL._SL1000_The last entry on our list of the best cigarette rolling machines is the Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector.  We like this rolling machine because it has some of the features of higher end cigarette rolling machines while being very light weight and portable.  Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector can create both 100mm and king size cigs.

The Powermatic Mini is a manual machine so you have to push the slide over once you’ve pressed the lever down as you can see in the video below.  Manual cigarette rolling machines do have some advantages including that you don’t have to have power to use them making it easier to roll on the go.  With a manual cigarette rolling machine you also won’t have to worry about the power cord getting damaged which would result in the need to buy a new one.

The Powermatic Mini Cigarette Injector comes with a brush and cleaning tool so that it will last for years making you great quality cigarettes.

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