Anti-Cannabis Propaganda: Marijuana Stomach Illness

Over the last week or so there’s been an influx of news outlets “reporting” on a mysterious stomach illness related to heavy marijuana use that is supposedly rising in states that have legal cannabis.  Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome has been linked to long-term heavy use of cannabis and results in “non-stop nausea and stomach pain that can sometimes last up to a month.”  Treatment for this condition includes hot showers and baths.

Based on the reports seen on countless local news stations and even CBS National News, emergency room visits for this condition have risen from about 40 per year to almost 90 at the University of Colorado Hospital.  So, it went from about one person per week to just under two.

Before we break this down, I want to make one thing clear.  We are not dimensioning the pain and suffering from those who have had this condition.  We recognize and respect that a minority of heavy cannabis smokers could develop Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.

At the same time there is a responsibility of the media and others with a voice to put this condition in it’s proper perspective, rather than exposing us to a anti-cannabis agenda that is being bought and paid for by big pharma.

Out of all the outcomes that result from using cannabis on a daily basis, it would seem that Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome would be one of the worst.  On the other hand, let’s take a look at the worst outcome from the overuse of opioids: death.  In fact, 33,091 people died from opioid overdoses in 2016 alone.  Over the previous millennia there continues to be exactly zero deaths caused by cannabis.

We are comparing these two substances because of their use in the treatment of similar conditions, especially chronic pain.

Now if you put statistics like these side-by-side without the name of each substance and asked which one should be legal, there is no doubt that any reasonable human being would vote in favor of cannabis recognizing the deadly alternative of opioids.

It seems to me that all our efforts should be focused on solving the very real opioid epidemic, and less time writing hit pieces on what could very well be the savior substance for those who fall prey to opioid addiction.

We have already shown visitors of about all the conditions that cannabis is able to treat safely and with minimal side effects.

A message to the media: stop being the mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical industry and do your job with dignity.

Review of the Platinum Grinder

With the rise of Amazon and online shopping, new grinder brand have arisen that sell exclusively online.  Platinum Grinders is one of these brands that you won’t find in stores, but are available for sale on Amazon.

Due to cutting out the retail middle man, grinders are now cheaper than ever as the brands can sell directly to consumers.

Platinum Grinders takes full advantage of this by being one of the most affordable grinder brands on the market today.  And overall their grinders are of decent quality.  You won’t be getting any extras with a Platinum Grinder and they do come up a bit short compared to higher priced Black Tie and Space Case Grinders, but that doesn’t mean they are a bad option for those who are short on cash.

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The price point and quality balance make the Platinum Grinder very appealing to many folks looking for a quality grinder on the cheap.  At the time of this writing you can pick up a 2.5″ Platinum Grinder for only $17.

Most similarly sized grinder will cost you at least $20 a pop.  If you want a USA made 2.5″ grinder then you should expect to pay over $50.  With that in mind it shouldn’t be a surprise that Platinum Grinder is the best selling good quality grinder brand on Amazon.


There is nothing all that exciting about the design of the Platinum Grinder.  It has the standard four piece design and the outside is made from anodized aluminum.  The inside is made of another piece of silver aluminum material, which is of lower quality compared to higher priced grinders that are made from a single piece of aluminum.

As with other four piece aluminum grinders, the Platinum Grinder has two pieces with diamond shaped teeth, a second compartment for the ground herb to reside, and then a filtering screen and pollen catcher compartment for kief.


Platinum Grinders only come in one size and color.  If you are looking for a specific color or size of a grinder without spending a ton of money we recommend looking into Cali Crusher Grinders.


Platinum Grinders perform well considering there are two separate pieces of aluminum that make up the grinder.  The herb is ground up finely by this piece.

However, we are concern about the long-term durability of this grinder due to the two pieces of aluminum that are glued together.  Because of this we recommend spending $10 and getting a superior Black Tie Grinder that is made up of a single piece of aluminum.


A strength of Platinum Grinders is that they come with a lifetime warranty.  So, if your Platinum Grinder breaks over time during normal use then you can replace it for a new one for free!


It should come as no surprise that as a value grinder the Platinum Grinder does not come with an extras.  You will not find any extra scrapper, custom design box, or carry pouch.  Platinum Grinders are best for those who simply want a decent grinder and are looking to save some money.

At the end of the day you have to decide whether you want a decent grinder at a great price, or want a top of the line grinder at a good price.  If you are in the former category then by all means get a Platinum Grinder as it is likely the best option for you.  However, if you are in the later group, check out some real grinders like the Space Case, Black Tie, and Phoenician.

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Compton Grinder Review

If you are a fan of the urban feel of the streets and gangsta rap, then Compton Grinders may just be the herb grinder brand for your taste.

These are premium made in the USA grinders that come in many colors and sizes.

Compton grinders also come in many size and piece options from 2-piece grinder all the way up to the standard 4-piece three chamber grinders.  They also have features that are exclusive to Compton Grinders that help set them apart from other grinder companies.  Let’s take a look at what makes Compton Grinders unique.

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As with almost all premium herb grinder brands, Compton Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that helps to prevent scratches and chipping.  Anodizing is different from painting so you don’t have to worry about paint chips finding their way into your herb.

The metal screens that are on the Compton Grinder are made of steel mesh and do a nice job of filtering the best pieces of kief into the kief chamber.

Most of the Compton Grinders come in a small or medium size.  The small version of the Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2 inches.  A grinder this size is best used for light smokers and for smaller amounts of bud.  Medium size Compton Grinders have a diameter of 2.5 inches, which is a more standard size found with many other grinders.

Overall, the materials used on Compton Grinders are high quality and potential customers should feel confident in what they are buying.


Compton Grinders have really three features that help them stand out from other herb grinders.  The first is that Compton Grinders have a nice ergonomic design that allow users to easily grip the grinder without worrying about slippage.

The second cool feature is the removable screen.  Compton Grinders have a small tool that comes with the grinder that allows you to loosen and take out the screen for either cleaning or replacement.  We like the design of this as it allows you to tighten the screen so that it is not at risk of falling out.

Lastly, Compton Grinders has a “loading dock” where there are no teeth on a section of the second piece so that you can place your bud without having to break it down to fit between the teeth.  This is a unique feature to Compton Grinders and something we feel is a very functional improvement from other grinders out there.


As we mentioned at the top of this article, Compton Grinders come in two main sizes, small and medium.  However, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety you can find with Compton Grinders.  Compton Grinders come in many different colors.  Basically, every color of the rainbow is available for purchase.


With a name like Compton Grinders, you can be sure these grinders have edge, but they also back it up with quality performance as well.  The removable screen is a nice touch.  The actual grinding action on these grinders is smooth and precise, leaving a quality filtered product left for you to smoke.

Bad Points

Weak Warranty

According to the Compton Grinder website, they have a fairly weak warranty and return policy.  When you compare this warranty to those found from Golden Gate and Black Tie, it just doesn’t hold water.  For Compton Grinders you have 30 days to return the product.  However, they do not accept returns from a defective item if it has been used, which would make up the majority of return claims.

We don’t feel that this means that Compton has a bad product that they don’t feel confident in, it just seems a bit too restrictive.


Compton Grinders come with a hefty price tag.  Usually, there medium sized grinder costs somewhere between $60 and $75.  Most of this extra cost is from the Made in the USA factor.  If this is something you value highly then by all means Compton is a great grinder.  But if you don’t mind your grinder being made overseas there are other great grinders that are more reasonably priced.

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Kannastor Herb Grinder Review

kannastorWith so many grinder brands out there it can be hard to know which is right for your herb.  At we help you see through the haze to find that perfect grinder at the perfect price.  Today, we take a closer look at Kannastor Grinders.

Kannastor sells a large number of different grinders that vary in shape, size,  and number of chambers.  This means that if you decide to buy a Kannastor you’ll have your pick when it comes to the options to you desire in a grinder.

Kannastor has been making their multi-chamber grinders since 2003, so they’ve had time to work out any bugs in the manufacturing process. This experience is priceless when it comes to proper machining techniques and design improvements.

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As with most of the brand name grinders Kannastor Grinders are made from anodized aluminum that is aerospace grade.  Basically, this thing is tough, but not any tougher than other quality aluminum grinders out there.

The screens again are similar to other grinders out there in that they are made from stainless steel, which protects the screen from rusting.  Gaps in the screen are properly sized so that only the perfect ultra filtered kief makes it to the bottom.

Their main grinder is a 2.5″ four-piece, similar to the standard aluminum grinders out there.  However, they also have the GR8TR grinder line that is a full eight-piece grinder that has interchangeable screens and grinder plates.

In regard to materials, Kannastor is in line with other high quality aluminum grinder brands.


GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.
GR8TR Grinders from Kannastor have eight distinct pieces.

Kannastor takes their grinder designs very seriously, which shines through in their GR8TR line of herb grinders.  As we mentioned previously, these grinders have eight distinct pieces.  Not only are the screens removable on these grinders, but also the grinder plates can be changed out to give you the grinder you desire.  There is a screw in mechanism that allows you to flip from a finer grinder to a more course grind.  This is the only grinder we’ve seen that has this capability.

All of the multi-chamber Kannastor have easy to remove screens, which can be purchased on the Kannastor website.  This helps your grinder last longer without needing to purchase a whole new unit.


Kannastor sells a wide variety of grinders including their GR8TR grinder line, four-piece grinders, and single chamber two-piece grinders.  Overall, we are really impressed with the variety of grinders they offer.


Kannastor grinders perform very well overall.  They grind up your herb in a optimal consistency that is fine but not so fine that it burns out your herb too quickly.  However, other name brand aluminum grinders also offer a grind that is as quality as the Kannastor.  So, in this way Kannastor is not alone.  However, we must say that the two grind settings on the GR8TR grinder is certainly a useful and innovate feature that had to take some serious R&D to develop.

Lifetime Warranty

Kannastor offers a limited lifetime warranty on all their grinders.  This even includes malfunction that results from normal use.  If you have a warranty claim be prepared to show photographic proof and an order number to confirm your purchase and the issue at hand.

Bad Points

Too Complex

Many of the Kannastor grinder are pretty standard designed and easy to operate with the removable screen being the most unique feature.

However, when you start looking closer at the GR8TR grinder, it becomes evident that this is a complex piece of equipment.  We feel that for most people just wanting a grinder to grind your herb with proper consistency, the GR8TR grinder might be a bit of overkill.

If you find yourself in the “I’m just looking for a grinder to get the job done well” camp, we would opt for a standard four-piece grinder from Kannastor and pass on the GR8TR.

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The NFL Has a Lot in Common With Reagan on Weed

Image Source: via Youtube
Image Source: via Youtube

An article came today by Rolling Stone about the outdated and arbitrary rules that the National Football League continues to implement in regard to marijuana.  According to this source the league is falling behind the times as it does not even allow for cannabidiol (CBD), used to treat chronic pain, and doesn’t even have significant levels of THC.

This is a pretty hypocritical notion by the NFL as they seem to have absolutely zero issue with pumping their players full of pharmaceutical pain killers that are often abused and dangerous. Considering how many of their current and former players are suffering symptoms related to CTE, you would think that they would be a bit more accepting of any treatments that would give players relief.  Especially when you consider these players are big part of what makes the league successful in the first place.

There are a few reasons why the NFL would take this stand against marijuana, according to the article.  First, with marijuana still classified as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government, the NFL does not want to get in the crosshairs of any laws that could impact their operations.  While not in the article, but my opinion is that the NFL also does not want these alternative treatments available to players as it is just one more way in which they have to accept and admit that football has long-term consequences for many of its players.

Hopefully, in the future the NFL and NFLPA will come to the bargaining table and get with the times by allowing their players to use cannabis at least for medical reasons.  There is little doubt that marijuana has positive health benefits and these NFL players, current and former, are some of the people who would likely benefit the most from having access to it.

Afternoon Delight Grinder Review

Frequently new herb grinders come on to the scene and attempt to make a big splash in the weed grinder market.  One such product is the Afternoon Delight Herb Grinder.

This is a unique grinder in that it has a removable filter and offers a lifetime warranty so you can buy with confidence knowing that if there is an issue, Afternoon Delight will take care of it free of charge.  You will only find these grinder available for sale on currently, and it appears that they first began selling their products in April of 2015.

New grinder companies often bring a fresh take on the grinder market and have a tendency to shake up the game.  Let’s take a closer look at the Afternoon Delight and see how it stacks up against some of the more established competition.

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Afternoon Delight Grinders come with five pieces, with the fifth piece being a removable filter screen.  The benefit of having a removable screen is that it makes cleaning the screen easier, and you can potentially replace the screen, although we don’t believe that Afternoon Delight is selling screens separately as of the time of this review.

These herb grinders are made from aircraft grade aluminum similar to other high end grinders.  It also comes with a magnetized lid that makes spilling any herb more difficult.  In regard to the lid, some users have mentioned that magnet has a tendency to pop out rendering it useless.  However, the majority of users have not stated that this is an issue.

This grinder is 2.2 inches wide, making it a bit smaller than the standard 2.5 inch grinders that we often see.  It features 30 diamond teeth, which is a decent number, but again not as many as we see from top of the line grinders that offer a finer grind.

The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.
The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes with a removable screen.


We feel that the design of the Afternoon Delight is it’s strongest pro.  We really see how they are adding value by having a removable screen, and it does make cleaning the screen easier, which in turn should make the grinder last longer overall.


The Afternoon Delight Grinder comes in two sizes, 2.2 inch diameter (most popular) and the 2.7 inch diameter (less popular).  There is also a gold version of the Afternoon Delight grinder as well for those looking for a more individualized style.


The performance of the Afternoon Delight is above average, but there are some things that can be improved on as well.

As far as twisting the grinder to grinder up the herb some have mentioned that it is not as smooth as they would prefer.  However, again this a minority with most saying that it is just fine.  Others have also said that they’d like the magnet to be a bit stronger.

Lifetime Warranty

Afternoon Delight does come through with a lifetime warranty, which we obviously love.  Even if something does go wrong you are protected, and from what we know Afternoon Delight’s customer service is commendable.

Bad Points


We consider the Afternoon Delight to be a bit expensive for what it is.  Yes, it does have the removable screen, but we don’t feel like that justifies a price point of $30 for a 2.2 diameter grinder.

Too Many Pieces?

While the removable screen is certainly a cool feature, we do wonder if having more pieces than four is a good thing at the end of the day.

More pieces mean that more things can go wrong.  And honestly, the goal isn’t to have the most futuristic grinder, but a grinder that does its main purpose well: grinding.

Yet, if you find that you have had grinders with screens that have clogged up and are a daily herb user, then the Afternoon Delight might be what you’ve been wishing for in a herb grinder.

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8 Fun Things to Do When Stoned

Okay, your stoned, now what?  The truth is it’s easy to find yourself in this situation.  And making decisions once your stoned may not be the best idea.  So, check out this list and you’ll have plenty of things to try out the next time you smoke.

1. Have Sex

Oh, this is the best!  I don’t know how cannabis can make something that feels as good as sex feel better, but it does!  Fellas, you may also notice that you last longer and have more control when you are high too, which we’re guessing won’t be something your lady will complain about.

2. Watch A Movie

Watching a movie while stoned is a classic activity.  We suggest you pick a lighthearted comedy such as Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back or Ted.  Also, don’t shut the door on indie or documentary films as you can explore your mind and consciousness.  FYI, Darker movies can sometimes put you in a bad mood.

3. Listen to Music12656775_l

Another cliche activity, but it is cliche for a reason, because it is awesome!  Make sure to find music that can put you in that deep space where only your mind and the universe exists.  Psychedelic, jam, and electronic music are three go to choices that will get you there.

4. Meditate

Meditation has been shown to have all kinds of positive effects on both the mind and body.  While meditation is something that every one should be doing regularly, it can become a bit stale.  However, when you add weed to the mix things get a whole lot more interesting.  Allowing your thoughts to just flow and be without judgement or preconceived notions is one of the most liberating experiences one can have.

5. Eat New Foods

It is no secret that marijuana enhances the senses.  It is also not a secret that marijuana will make you mega hungry for some food.

But let’s go beyond the typical Taco Bell and gummy bears and look for something more.  Something better.  Go out to eat and have ethnic food you’ve never had before, or pick up something from the grocery store that sounds interesting.  Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy!

6. Have a Great Conversation

Are you a conspiracy buff? Have you wondered about the existence of god or aliens?  The perfect time to talk about these topics is when you are high.  Seriously, find a like-minded individual and go nuts with these hypothetic and existential questions.  Prepare to have your mind blown!

7. Exercise

44400056 - strong young woman doing push ups exercise with dumbbells on yoga mat. fitness model doing intense training in the gym.

Working out when high is one of the more underrated experiences.  This is probably because most people have the idea that people who like weed are lazy.  While some of us certainly fit this mold, that is not the cause for everyone.

Research has actually shown that cannabis improves pulmonary functioning, which means you might find you have more stamina and energy during your workout.

It’s simple, exercising with cannabis is awesome.

8. Go To The Mall

The mall is great for people watching, and people watching is fun with cannabis.  Just find a nice bench, take a seat, and let the magic happen!  You’ll find yourself observing those around you and also laughing at the craziness that is humanity.


Cannabis Health Benefits Infographic

The truth about cannabis has finally come out after years of lies and manipulation about the effects of the plant.  Society finally understands that marijuana not only is a safer recreational substance than alcohol, but also has shown promise in the field of medicine.  In fact, cannabis can treat or improve the symptoms of many medical conditions that may not respond to traditional pharmaceuticals.

We decided to create an infographic that shows the different medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis with the research source included.  Feel free to pin this to your Pinterest page.  If you want to use it on your website feel free, but please include a link/source to your page.

marijuana health benefits infographic

  1. Slows Cancer Cell Growth-Research shows that cannabidoil works to slow and even stop cancer cells from spreading by turning off specific genes central to the growth of cancerous tumors.
  2. Treats Glaucoma-Smoking marijuana decreases pressure in the eye, relieving the increased eye pressure associated with Glaucoma.
  3.  Decreases Parkinson’s Tremors-Based on a study done in Israel, Parkinson’s sufferers showed decreased tremors and pain, while improving sleep function when smoking marijuana.
  4. Helps with Hepatitis C Treatment– Marijuana users were way more likely to complete their Hepatitis C treatment (86%) compared to their non-marijuana using counterparts (29%).
  5. Treats Crohn’s Disease– Researchers found that cannabis improve gut health of Crohn’s Disease patients.
  6. Improves Epileptic Seizures-Research from New York University shows that seizure suffers who were resistant to pharmaceuticals responded positively to cannabidiol.
  7. Cannabis Keeps You Thin-Marijuana smokers are significantly less likely to obese compared to non-smokers.
  8. Pain Relief– Those with chronic pain have found relief through marijuana was more effective than Aspirin.
  9. Reduces PTSD Symptomalogy– Preliminary research shows that marijuana improves several PTSD-related symptoms including flashbacks, poor sleep, and agitation.
  10. Asthma-Based on a study that looked at asthma suffers over 20 years, moderate marijuana smoking actually improved asthma sufferers’ pulmonary functioning.
  11. Anxiety Reduction-Marijuana use has been shown to decrease levels of anxiety, according to a Harvard study.
  12. Relieves Arthritis Symptoms– Arthritis sufferers reported pain reduction and improved sleep using a cannabinoid-based medication.


Five Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis

Ever since the drug war began there has been a huge misconception around marijuana and the fact that laws and government officials claimed marijuana has no medical uses.  This worked to benefit the criminal justice system and pharmaceutical companies who are frequently peddling legal drugs that are most often significantly more dangerous than marijuana.  Thankfully, the truth about the medicinal uses of marijuana is beginning to come to light as American society is slowly changing its views on cannabis.  We are presenting five medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis, but this is not a total list as many other conditions can be treated with cannabis as well.

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BR Review: Cali Crusher Grinders

Cali Crusher Grinders - StandardCali Crusher Grinders has been in the herb grinder market since 2010 and have developed a solid reputation for quality grinding and design.  Found in many different smoke shops, retail stores, and e-commerce markets, Cali Crusher is also a very popular choice among smokers.  Over time Cali Crusher has expanded their product line to include the premium Homegrown, which are exclusively designed and manufactured in the USA.  Regular Cali Crusher Grinders are made in China via a contract manufacturer.  They also have clear top and crank top options that some of you may prefer depending on your individual needs and preferences.  Cali Crusher Grinders also come in a variety of color options including black, silver, blue, pink, red, gold, green, and purple among others.  With all the different choices offered by Cali Crusher you will be hard pressed to not find a grinder that will suit you well.

button (4)Good points


Cali Crusher Grinders are a made from good quality aluminum that is anodized so that there is never a concern about paint chipping off into your herb.  The teeth on each Cali Crusher we’ve had the opportunity to use has been sharp, durable, and plentiful.  Because the teeth are strong you should get plenty of use out of a Cali Crusher without seeing a drop in performance and grind.  Neodymium magnets are used on each of the Cali Crushers which keep the lid in place while cranking the lid with the herb in the grind chamber.  Their Homegrown Grinders feature medical grade aluminum that are ultrasonically cleaned before being packaged and shipped.  Overall, the materials of Cali Crusher Grinders may vary from model to model, but they are consistently good and will perform well over time.

Cali Crusher Grinders Homegrown
Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinders Are Made In the USA


The design of Cali Crusher grinders varies depending on the model.  The standard Cali Crusher Grinder has a fairly standard diamond teeth design with a filter screen that works to filter kief.  The Homegrown series has some more unique features including Quicklock technology that eliminates the possibility of threading the grooves on the grinder.  The teeth also have a unique design meant to maximize the amount of herb that can be ground at one time.  Homegrown also has a removable screen and a rounded bottom kief collector chamber to make scrapping easier.  The clear top grinders have a clear plastic top to see the grinding process in action, while the crank top has a pencil sharpener type mechanism that allows you to turn the crank to grind the herb.


There may not be another herb grinder brand that produces more different types of grinder than Cali Crusher.  As mentioned in the top of this review, Cali Crushers come in many different sizes, models, prices, and colors.


Because there are so many different types of Cali Crushers, it is hard to say that each model will perform the same.  The ones we have had the opportunity to test have performed well and created a smooth even grind.  We do recommend checking user reviews of the particular grinder you are interested in before making a purchase decision.

Lifetime Warranty

This one is a mixed bag for us.  The Homegrown line of Cali Crushers does come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty.  Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case for the standard line of Cali Crusher Grinders.  Disappointing as we feel that all grinders from Cali Crusher should be provided the same warranty to treat customers equally and to simplify the process.

Bad Points

Cali Crusher Clear Top
Cali Crusher Clear Top


The standard 2″ Cali Crusher four piece grinder comes in at a price around $25 on Amazon, which certainly is not outrageous.  However, for a couple extra bucks you can get a Black Tie Grinder that is another 1/2 inch in size a very comparable quality.  The Homegrown grinders are downright expensive costing a whopping $90 for a 2.35 inch diameter grinder.  While the Homegrown does have some unique features in no way do we feel that this justifies such a high price point.


Cali Crusher is susceptible to knockoffs especially on third party marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.  Make sure to check the seller reviews on Amazon before purchasing to make sure that you are getting the real deal.

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