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The huge selection of grinders on the market may leave you confused if you are not well informed or you are a newbie when it comes to grinding weed. This article is meant to help you with the decision by discussing different types of grinders that are available. Weed grinders come in various sizes and styles and are made of wood, metal and acrylic plastic. The material will affect the price and as with any other item, you can choose between cheap and expensive weed grinders. The next thing that you should know is that weed grinders come with two, four or five pieces or so called compartments. These are used for collecting pollen or kief and storing your ground weed. Most people prefer manual grinders where you twist the lid and grind your herbs within seconds. With electric grinders you need electric power wherever you want to use it so they are said to be for home use only. Some grinders have magnetic tops to prevent spilling while other have clear tops and you can see how much bud you have left. To select the best weed grinder look at the following suggestions made by regular weed users.

Top 5 Grinders

    1. Space Case Grinder Sifter Titanium – Made in USA and one of the best metal grinders. This aluminum grinder is amazing. It is small and yet grinds all your products perfectly with ease. It is very convenient to be carried in your pocket. The teeth are sharp, the magnetic top is tight in place during grinding and the middle compartment big enough. The pollen catcher is the right size and although made of metal this grinder does not produce metal shavings while grinding. It is worth the money and lasts for a long time.

      Space case grinder with compartments laid out
      Space case magnet series & titanium Grinder Sifters
    2. Santa Cruz Shredder – This is a four piece grinder made of anodized aluminum with a tight magnetic lid that keeps everything you put in it fresh. The tooth pattern is created for ultimate grinding results and the teeth are really sharp and cut both ways. You can purchase it in different sizes, small, medium or large depending on your needs. A tip from professionals: use it upside down so the material stays within the teeth. It is said to be among expensive ones but certainly worth the money.
Hot weed shredder
Hot weed shredder
    1. Magic Flight Finishing Grinder – this is a really good wooden grinder with a reasonable price for what you get. Being made of wood it collects sticky material around the edges which makes it harder to clean. This grinder is perfect to use with your Magic Flight LaunchBox as it fits in the trench. You can first grind your herbs with like your normal grinder and then with the Finishing Grinder to get powder-like grind.
Awesome wooden weed grinders
Awesome wooden weed grinders
    1. Sharpstone Herb Grinder – Classy looking, this is a good grinder with a pollen catcher and great for saving kief. It comes with sharp teeth, little scraper and the wire mesh is small enough to let the fine powder sift through to the bottom compartment. The grinder is not too expensive and does the job perfectly.
Sharpstone metal weed grinder with compartments laid out.
Sharp metal weed grinder
    1. Cosmic Case – You can choose between two or four piece grinders which also come in different colors. The magnetic lids are tight and made of neodymium earth magnets. Cosmic Case grinders have razor sharp teeth and a Delrin plastic glide ring for easy twisting or turning. With four piece grinders there is a compartment for collecting pollen and pollen screen for collecting kief. These grinders are made of high quality aluminum alloy.
Fun rasta style weed grinder
Fun rasta style weed grinder

Now that you have read about the best weed grinders available on the market all you have to do is to choose from this large offer of sizes and colors.

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