Are you looking for the best grinder for your herb? This article will reveal the inside scoops on what to look for in a non-toxic, safe, and durable grinder. Don’t be fooled by cheap grinders at gas stations and head shops: they can be dangerous. When you buy a grinder online, you’ll save money compared to buying one in a store and you’ll also find the perfect grinder for you since there are so many more options available to you. This article will walk you through what is a grinder, what you should look for in a grinder, what you should avoid in a grinder, and the top 3 best grinders available right now online (click here to skip to the ratings).

4 Best Herb Grinders Anywhere

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    • 2.5" diameter and 1.8" height
    • Made of aircraft grade aluminum that is durable
    • 50 ultra sharp teeth make shredding your herb super easy
    • Strong neodymium magnets keep the lid on during the grinding process
    • Premium brand that exudes class
  • 5 Stars (5 / 5)

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space case grinder new slider

herb grinder original gray slider

    • Aluminum construction with a stainless steel color
    • Free stash case included
    • One of the most lightweight herb grinders on the market
    • A great value considering the quality of the grinder and the extras that come with it
  • 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
  • N/A

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Herb Grinder Chart

The above chart shows the four grinders that we feel have the best balance of quality materials, value, and grinding ability.  However, there are simply too many weed grinders on the market to limit your choices to just four, and that is why below we have listed several more grinders to choose from.

Each one of the grinders we have in this chart we have personally owned and tested.  This way we can verify to you that these are some of the best grinders to buy.

Also, buying a grinder online will save you A LOT of money compared to your local head shop.  The mark ups online are lower because there is more competition between sellers, and because of this you get a better deal!


Black Tie Grinders

2.5" diameter and 1.8" height, Made of aircraft grade aluminum, 50 ultra sharp teeth, Strong neodymium magnets

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Pink Bow Grinders

Same Quality of the Black Tie Grinder, Comes with a velvet carrying pouch, Anodized aluminum
space case grinder new slider

Space Case Herb Grinder

Made in the USA, High price, Titanium finish

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herb grinder original gray slider

Original Herb Grinder

Aluminum construction, Free stash case included,Lightweight N/A
phoenician grinder

Phoenician Herb Grinder

Medical Grade, Fast Locking System, Expensive, Made in

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Sharpstone Grinder

Unique Design, 2 Piece Grinder,

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Aluminum Mendo Mulcher grinder with black background

Mendo Mulcher Grinder

Made in USA, Industrial Design, 2.25"

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Santa Cruz Shredder

Anodized Aluminum, Made in USA, Pricey, Innovative Tooth

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Kannastor Herb Grinder

Unique filtering pattern, Two tone color scheme, Replaceable

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Compton Grinders

Replaceable screen, Lifetime Warranty, Made in

What is a Weed Grinder

A grinder is a small device with teeth that you can use to grind up herb, tobacco, marijuana, and other small plant material. It can have 1, 2, or 3 compartments and it usually is made of wood, metal, or acrylic.

The Difference Between 1, 2, and 3 Compartment Grinders

Here is how the compartments work:

  • 1 compartment grinders (also called two piece grinders) have only one compartment where the herb is placed, ground, and retrieved. Because of that, the ground herb might be of inconsistent size. Also, retrieving the ground herb from the single compartment can be a little difficult since the teeth are in your way.
  • 2 compartment grinders (also called three piece grinders) have the same grinding compartment as the 1 compartment grinder and small holes in the bottom of one compartment that leads to the second compartment. The holes allow only certain sized herbs to fall through and, because of that, you get more evenly ground herb. Since all the herbs are in the second compartment when finished, retrieving the herb is much easier than with a 1 compartment grinder.
  • 3 compartment grinders (also called four piece grinders) have an additional compartment where there is a fine screen that separates it from the 2nd compartment. This 3rd compartment is for pollen or, if you are grinding marijuana, kief.

There is really no big price difference between 1, 2, and 3 compartment grinders. The biggest price difference is on the size of the grinder (measured in diameter) and the material.

Awesome Grinder Materials

Here is how the materials affect the grinder:

Acrylic Grinders

Worse grinder is an acrylic grinder

Avoid acrylic grinders: the teeth can break and contaminate your herb.

This is the cheapest material for a grinder. Often only costing a few bucks, acrylic grinders are good when you can’t find another grinder. They do not lost long and, after enough use, the teeth on acrylic grinders will break. Sometimes, small parts of acrylic will get into your herb if you aren’t careful. highly recommends you stay away from acrylic grinders. Vaporizing, smoking, or ingesting herb with acrylic in it is dangerous!

Wood Grinders

Wood grinders are okay as long as they are made out of raw wood.

Wood grinders are okay as long as they are made out of raw wood.

This is a good looking material for grinders and, since they need to be carved, are usually only available in compartment grinders. Watch out! Make sure the inside of the grinder is not finished. Paint or any other finishing can get in your herb. Raw wood works best. Also, the teeth on wood grinders are not as good as metal grinders and, sometimes, the teeth is nothing more than nails. I would stay away from wood grinders unless you have a Magic Flight Vaporizer; then, The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder is a great grinder for you.

Metal Grinders

best grinders are metal grinders

Metal grinders are the best in terms of durability, sharpness, and quality.

Most metal herb grinder are made of aluminum and some say they are made of titanium. Don’t be fooled, it most likely will only be titanium coated because titanium is $6 per pound raw whereas aluminum is about $.75 per pound raw. Is aluminum safe? Yes. There are some rumors online about the dangers of titanium but those are false (click here to read about the myth). Metal grinders are your best bet and the ones recommended the most by

Top 3 Weed and Herb Grinders

Without any further ado, here are the top 3 best grinders that you can find anywhere. Factors taken into the ratings were: quality of grinder, durability, price, and aesthetics.

#1 Grinder: Black Tie/Pink Bow Grinder 4 Piece

Black Tie also Makes the Pink Bow Grinder for Women Who Love Herb

Black Tie also Makes the Pink Bow Grinder for Women Who Love Herb (Click to See Price)

The Black Tie 2.5 Inch Grinder is a perfect grinder for anyone looking for a high quality premium grinder. Priced at around $30 (check latest prices), the Black Tie Grinder has high end features without the high end price.

Like most metal grinders, the Black Tie Grinder is made of CNC aluminum that has been anodized. This makes the grinder very light, smooth, and corrosion resistant. It features a fine pollen screen that is well integrated into the grinder.

The thing that makes the Black Tie better than the Chromium Crusher is that it is lightweight and has classic styling. This allows you to carry your grinder in a backpack without having to worry about scratches or other damages. The fact that it is made of aluminum allows for easy transportation. The Chromium Crusher was just too heavy to take out of the house.

#2 Grinder: Space Case Grinder

The Space Case Grinder is a medical quality grinder perfect for medical marijuana patients. Out of all the grinders available on the market, the Space Case Grinder was specifically designed for heavy use with ease. The grinder’s teeth were specially designed to give the user the fluffiest herb possible. Instead of having sharp teeth, the Space Case mini shredder uses a duller, trapezoid shaped design that allows herb to be cut several times. The extra cuts give you a much more consistent blend.

In addition to that, the Space Case Grinder has the best grip on any grinder I’ve ever used. No matter your age or the conditions of your joints, you’ll find using the Space Case Grinder easy.

Especially for MMJ patients, the Space Case Grinder is a ultrasonically cleansed grinder. What this means is that, unlike other grinders that were quickly washed (or sometimes not washed at all), the Space Case Grinder was passed under high frequency sound waves that removed all impurities, contaminates, and residue from the grinder. I’ve received grinders in the mail with metal filing still inside the compartment! You’ll never have that problem with the Space Case. With the shredder’s unique teeth design, there will never be any metal shards in your herb ever.

Other great features of the Space Case Grinder include: high quality magnet that is triple sealed into the lid (it will never fall out); lifetime guarantee; and redesigned threading.

At around $60.00 for a 2. 5 inch grinder (click here to check latest prices), this grinder is on the expensive side (but not nearly as expensive as the $140 Santa Cruz Jumbo shredder that is 102mm) however, given its quality and medical grade performance, this is a must have grinder if you are a MMJ patient. Also, because the grinder fluffs herb so well, this is my go to grinder for vaporizing.

#3 Grinder: Herb Grinder Original

The Herb Grinder Original 2.5″ (~64mm) 4 piece grinder is a great grinder at around $18.00. Because it is made of aluminum, this grinder feels lightweight but durable. It has really sharp teeth and is 24mm bigger in diameter than the other 2 grinders mentioned here.

This grinder is great for grinding large or small amounts of herb at home. The lightweight design makes this grinder the perfect choice to take on the road. If you want a grinder that is great to leave on a table, this is the grinder for you.

The Best Grinder is the Black Tie/Pink Bow 4 Piece Grinder highly recommends you buy a Black Tie Grinder. For the price, you are getting high end performance that you can carry around. You can’t go wrong when you buy the Black Tie Grinder. The best grinder for MMJ patients is the Space Case Grinder as its design helps create the perfect product for this usage.

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